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10 Creative Girl Drawing To Try As A Beginner

Woman is one of the most beautiful and aesthetic awe of our Universe. The portrayal of humanity in art is incomplete until complemented by women. Artists have been drawing women since the time man first learned to draw. 

You, too, can have part of being in this infinite list of artists who loved to ink a woman on paper. It is not as hard as you’d think. Moreover, I’ll be with you, suggesting beautiful girl drawing that you can easily draw as a beginner. 

What’s The Best Art Method?

When it comes to art, there are numerous approaches, methods, and styles to drawing, and there’s no “best” or “worst” one. The technique that works for you may not work for someone else, so it all boils down to personal preference and taste.

If you’re new to art, it’s a good idea to experiment with different styles to determine what you enjoy most. This can help you find your artistic voice and hone your skills in a particular style. In this article, I’m going to mention the ten different methods for girl drawing that you can try out. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and express yourself creatively!

Drawing Tools Needed for Girl Drawing

If you’re just starting out with drawing, I want to encourage you to have fun and experiment with different tools. As a beginner, it’s best to start with minimal tools and gradually add more as you get more comfortable with drawing.

Here is another article to help with all the tools you need for drawing from beginners to advance hyperrealistic drawings. And, don’t worry if you don’t have access to many tools – you can still create amazing art with just a few basic tools.

Essential art tools for beginners

Different Methods To Draw Girl


When we speak of art, the first thing that comes to mind of a person unfamiliar with art styles is “sketch”. Nothing wrong with that as this is one of the main styles. 

Sketching is one of the most beautiful ways to draw a woman, as the control on lights and shades meticulously highlights the feminine expressions.

The two most important points to remember in sketching are “outline” and “shading”. Once the outline has been drawn, it is only the game of shading that renders your artwork good or needing-more-practice. 

Remember, there is no bad art. Art is subjective, and the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” fits here perfectly. So whenever you end up drawing something that you do not like, better not call it bad, but needing-more-practice.

Here is a tutorial of an easy and quick girl drawing by Dr Da Sam, owner of Learn to draw:

Anime/Manga Drawing

Anime, or what you might know as Japanese cartoons, is another art style. In this, one draws a girl in Anime style. Remember Sakura from Naruto? Or Chichi from DBZ? If yes, good. If not, just google anime girls, choose one that you like, and try to draw it. 

The idea is simple. Just take a reference and draw it as it is. You do not need to color it as a beginner. Just focus on mastering your drawing skills.

Here is a video Tutorial by a 13 years old artist Drawing Neelu:

Realistic Girl Drawing

As the name indicates, this style demands art to be as realistic as possible. You must have seen the photo-realistic drawing tutorials on YouTube, confusing the eye whether it’s real or on paper. No, don’t sweat; I’m not going to advise you to draw like them. 

It is not good to burden yourself with things that are not yet meant for you. For now, just trying to draw as realistic as possible will do. 

Here, besides the perspective and shading, coloring is an important aspect. However, the concept of coloring is the same as shading. You can have a further understanding of how to shade from this extensive guide. 

Here is a video Tutorial of a hyper-realistic smoker girl drawing by Ali Haider rehman, a self-taught hyperrealism artist:

Fashion Illustration Drawing

This is one of the easiest yet really fascinating art styles. In this, you illustrate a fashion design. The best way to do so is by keeping the image in the lit background, so you can see it on your paper. Then draw the picture as it is, but with your own hands. 

Now, it is not a photograph, it is an art. People appreciate their pictures made by an artist, who puts his devotion and love into them, than a camera which is basically a lifeless machine. 

Here is a video tutorial of a girl drawing in a beautiful dress by Farjana Drawing Academy from Bangladesh:

Line Art 

In this type of art, the concept is to never let the tip of your pencil leave paper before completing the artwork. This ends up making a beautiful and connected piece of art, which is basically a single long line, curved to give the shape of the desired object.

Here is a fun tutorial by Yo Creative Art from India:

Cartoon Drawing

We all have drawn some sort of faces in our childhood. Well, you’d be happy to learn that those faces classify as cartoons. Anyhow, now you should attempt to draw it better than you did last time; the last time being the recess period in your school when you were sitting bored in your classroom. 

Think of your favorite female cartoon character like Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls, raven from teen titans, or Velma from Scooby-Doo. Now, keep it in front of you and try to draw it as similar as possible.

An even easier way is to draw a cartoon out of your imagination. This way, there’s no way of going wrong. I mean, who knows what your reference image looks like, except you. 

Here is an easy-peasy tutorial power puff girl drawing by Taposhi Art Academy:

Landscape with a Girl Drawing

If the girl alone is not able to quench your artistic thirst, then you can draw her in a beautiful place, further complementing her aesthetics. An important thing that most beginners often have a hard time grasping is the relative proportion of character as compared to the background.

The relative proportion of the character will control its apparent size and distance from the background. You can either use measurements to perfect it, or can simply let the practice make your hand draw the correct proportions instinctively. 

Another video by Farjana of a girl drawing in a scenic view holding a guitar:


Well, fantasy if one of my favorite styles of drawing and Medusa is one of my favorite characters, so here a beautiful tutorial by Christopher Lovell. It is more related to realistic arts but I would encourage you guys to try your barbie imagination. One of my first paintings was a girl dancing in the galaxies.

Silhouette Drawing

Imagine a ballet dancer standing behind a curtain; behind the dancer is a strong spotlight towards the dancer, projecting her clear shadow on the white curtain. The picture is even clear in your imagination, right? Now just copy it from your mind and paste it on your paper. 

It is really easy to draw it as there are no details in it at all. All you have to draw is a shadow. If your imagination is vivid, then it is better to use a reference image. Keep it in front of you and draw accordingly. Here is a tutorial of girl silhoutte drawing by Zan Draw Art:

Hidden Face Girl Drawing

It is understandable that as a beginner, some parts of the face like the nose and ear must be difficult for you to draw. There is an easy solution to that. You avoid drawing those parts, which makes your art incomplete, by covering those parts with a veil or mask. 

Though the face will be veiled, it will surely unveil your improvising artistic skills. Here is a tutorial by Sayah Arts:

Now Start Drawing!

If you found all of these ideas difficult for yourself, then what you are suffering from is the fear of taking the first step. Kill your inner perfectionist for a moment, and understand that all great artists first started from an artwork that we never knew how mediocre it was. It is okay if you do not draw well on the first attempt. You only get better with practice. If you don’t like any of the girl drawings above, here are 15 more drawing ideas to try!

The first step is often the most difficult to take. Once you’ve drawn one artwork, you’ll definitely want to try another. So, pick up your pencil and start drawing now!

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