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15 Easy Drawings For Beginners to Start Your Artventure

Afraid of drawing because you cannot draw like those beautiful and detailed pieces of art you see on the internet? Well, each and every great artist you know once started as a beginner. But they did “begin,” which you need to do too if you want to draw like them one day. So here is a step-by-step easy drawings for beginners!

I understand that taking the first steps is the most difficult part of any journey, as it needs determination to go on the whole journey. But I want even the first steps of your journey of becoming a great artist to be easy and smooth. This is why I have made a list of 15 easy drawings for beginners to start their art journey without any expertise or prior experience, and here is a list of tools glossary for your reference.

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Easy Drawings for Beginners Who Are Just Starting

1. Fruits

We all have drawn fruits in our art classes as kids. Among the fruits, the best ones to start from are those with circular shapes, like apples, oranges, or even grapes. 

The first and most important step in drawing a fruit is drawing a circle. You should try to make it by hand, to give it a more natural look to it, as real fruits are not an exact circle, are they? Keep attempting to draw a good circle until you got one that looks good enough. 

After the boundary is finished, then just fill in the little details that will make your circle a fruit. Here is an easy peasy tutorial for it using pencils:

2. Moon

The first step of drawing the moon is the same as drawing fruits; drawing a circle. After that, add little pits; imperfections that only add to the beauty of the moon, and of your drawing. Here is an easy peasy tutorial for it using pencils and pastels

3. Bakery Foods:

Because of their simple shapes, food items are one of the easiest things to draw. For example, if I ask you to draw a donut shape, you will end up not drawing the donut shape only, but also the donut itself. That is how easy it is. 

Similarly, some other easy-to-draw food items are cupcakes, cakes, and bread slices. Again, the advice is to refrain from using geometry tools as much as possible. Here is an easy peasy tutorial for it using pencils:

4. Bubbles:

You must already be in love with circles because of their ease to draw and versatility when it comes to drawing. They can be turned into a lot of things, one of which is Bubbles. Just draw a circle and add a little reflection effect to give it a bubbly look. Here is an easy peasy tutorial for it using color pencils, may look difficult but it is actually very easy:

5. Heart

No, I do not mean the biological heart. I mean the “love” heart, that we all love to use as an expression of love. Now is the time to draw it with your hands. Feel like the same heart will be sent to your loved one. So you better draw it wholeheartedly (pun intended).
Here is an easy tutorial for it using colors, it will help you practice your highlighting skills:

6. Buildings:

By buildings, I do not mean those hyper-detailed sketches you see on the architecture pages. Rather, I mean simple and straight buildings that you can draw with a ruler. If that might be too easy or boring, then a cottage or a simple home you drew as a kid would be a good start too. Here is an easy peasy tutorial for it, using just the pencils: 

7. Landscape

Drawing a landscape with aesthetic sunset as a kid gave us the feeling of a true artist. Now think how easy it would be to draw something that you drew so gracefully as a kid. 

It does not need to be better or more detailed than when you drew it last time. Consider it as a starting point, with a lot to learn and add to it, but not yet. 

It can be as simple as a house in a grassy land, with mountain hills hiding a half-sunken sun in the back, and a few “V” shaped birds returning to their nests. Here is an easy-peasy tutorial for it:

8. Fireworks

As spectacular as fireworks visually are, they are not really that difficult to draw. Though there are many patterns formed in fireworks, let’s stick to the basic one for now. Select a mid-point and scratch lines in all directions from it. Better use different colors to give it a colorful and visually appealing look.

Here is an easy peasy tutorial for it:

9. Car

It might be a complex machine in functioning, but it is pretty simple in the drawing. You need to draw just two parts; the body and the tires. That’s it, your car is complete. You can ride it to cover your art journey, but I would suggest you to take no shortcuts.

A quick and easy tutorial video from Youtube:

10. Flowers

One of nature’s most beautiful figments looks just as beautiful drawn by a pencil. There is not one type of flower. Even if you do wrong, you will only end up making a different kind. So, just pick up a pencil and start drawing one.

Unlike the fruit ones, it’s better to draw intricate things like flowers from the center and then move toward the boundaries. 

Here is an easy-peasy tutorial of a realistic rose drawing using children’s 5-in-1 ball point pen.

11. Leaves

Just like there are thousands of different types of flowers, similarly, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of types of leaves. But when we think of it, only one type comes to mind, just like it is coming to yours right now. You can start by drawing this simple smooth leaf. Do not sweat yourself trying to draw difficult ones yet.

After drawing the boundary and midrib, do not forget to add veins to give an impression of details to it. Do it in a pattern to give it a look of a real leave. 

If you find that fun and easy enough, then a spear-shaped leaf would be a good step up. After that, try to draw a maple leaf. Here is an easy-peasy tutorial that anyone can do:

12. A tree or Branch

After learning to draw a leave, drawing a branch is child’s play. Draw a simple straight log with two or more offshoots, and draw replicas of the leave again and again. It can also be the practice of drawing the leaf. 

Here is an a very simple beginner friendly tutorial:

13. Kids’ Cartoon Characters

We all have some favorite cartoon characters as kids. The good thing about them is that kid’s cartoon characters are pretty simple drawing. Now think of SpongeBob SquarePants, it is simply a square-shaped sponge in square pants. Nothing fancy about it. 

You can think of your favorite character and try to draw it. If it is not as simple as SpongeBob, you can draw it in segments, like first the face, then the torso, and at last, the appendages. But try to keep it as simple as possible. No need to give it an artistic touch. Remember that we are just starting yet. 

Here is an easy-peasy Youtube video tutorial:

14. Emojis

You might think that it is too easy, and not even worth the time to draw seriously. But it can help you learn how the little curves of lines can change whole expressions on the face. It can give a lot of understanding of how to play with a pencil to change the whole perception and emotions like happiness, sadness, curiosity, etc. with little strokes of your pencil.

Also, it can be a fun drawing for beginners to do when they get bored so here is a tutorial, just in case! 😉

15. Doodles

Ever got scolded for scribbling on your notebooks or walls? Well, now you can do it without the worry of being reprimanded. Get a little idea about the little stuff you would like to draw and start drawing. 

Doodling is an easy thing to start with for a beginner artist because it allows you to draw plenty of things without needing them to be unnecessarily intricate. 

While drawing these things for the first time, just focus on choosing stuff that is not too hard nor too easy for you. Because if it is too hard to draw, you will end up making a mess. It was to ruin your self-confidence, which is vital for someone who is just taking the first steps. And if it is too easy, it might make you bored and uninterested to do it anymore. 

So, for now, just select one of the easy drawings for beginners from the list, and start drawing. Give your best, and let each result be your little motivation to take one step ahead! 

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