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15 Easter Ideas To Make Your Easter Decoration Memorable

So it’s again that time of the year when beautiful vibes of coming spring fill the atmosphere. The gardens and insects are ready to welcome the spring too; are you? If you’re not, you better be. This time, let’s welcome the bloom season with beautiful self-designed eggs.

You can definitely buy eggs of any design you’d like from the market, but welcoming something so pure on this holy event does not seem right. So let’s mark the onset of spring by decorating your house with your own hands. Got no idea what and how to do any of that? Well, worry not because here are 15 Easter ideas to make your Easter decoration memorable with Artventure.

1. Scattered Color Egg

Cover an egg in a tissue tightly closed. Apply a drop of different liquid food colors to the tissue. The tissue fiber takes up the color as soon as it touches its surface. Cover the whole surface of the egg. Then spray vinegar to make the color stick to the shell. It results in a beautiful egg fully covered in different colors that just look mesmerizing to the eyes.

Scattered Color Easter Egg painting

2. Printed Design Egg

Printed Design easter

Printing designs onto Easter eggs is a fun and creative DIY project that you can do at home. You can make any printed design you can find online on your eggs. The design just needs to be small enough to fit the egg size. Find an appropriate design online; it can be little flowers, little dragons, or any logo, and print a small image of it.

To start, you will need some hard-boiled eggs, food coloring or egg dye, white vinegar, small rubber bands or tape, printer paper, scissors, liquid adhesive, such as Mod Podge, and a paintbrush.

Begin by dyeing your eggs in your preferred color using food coloring or egg dye. Adding 1 tablespoon of white vinegar per cup of dye can help the color adhere better to the eggshell. Once you’ve dyed the eggs, let them dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Attach the printed design to the egg using small rubber bands or tape. Make sure they are securely fastened to the egg and do not move around and apply a thin layer of liquid adhesive, such as Mod Podge, over the entire egg using a paintbrush. After the page has dried, flake them away. The pages have now been removed, but the little designs have been imprinted on the eggshell that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

You can also simply paint such cute designs with acrylic paints, here is a tutorial to help:

3. Nuggety Appearing Egg

This is quite simple but one of the coolest Easter ideas I have, so for this one, take some crushed rice, and add them into a plastic zipper bag with your egg. Now add a little glue and a drop of food coloring. Gently shake the bag to distribute the rice on the whole surface of the egg. Check if the rice has glued to the egg uniformly. Once done, take out the egg and repeat with another with a different color. This way, you’ll have a lot of eggs with fried nuggets appearance that your guests might want to take a bite of.

Easter decorative egg

4. Denim Egg

Got some old denim pants lying around at home that need to be gotten rid of? Well, you can use them now before throwing them away. It is okay if you have any other cloth material instead of denim. Cut little portions from differently shaded cloths and glue them to the egg as shown in the picture below. Cover the whole egg, and voila, you have your clothed little egg. 

Unique Easter decorative egg

5. Cute Emoji Eggs

Cute Easter decorative egg

Online chatting would have been so bland and dull if not for emojis because, through them, we express our emotions. What better way to express your emotions on this occasion than through cute little emoji eggs? This makes it one of the best Easter ideas.

 To make them, cut a balloon up and use its basal side as the egg hat. With a drop of glue, attach a little flower to the side of the hat. And then simply draw a simple cute little face to the face. Remember to make little variations for each egg to make them look even cuter, and not mere copies. 

6. Easy Nail Paint Idea

Colorful Easter decorative egg

Take some hot water in a bowl. Dip the nail paint brush in it. Nail polish being hydrophobic does not dissolve in water, but rather stays on the surface much like oil. Now add a nail paint brush again but with a different nail polish and keep on repeating it till you get a beautiful yet random pattern. Now pass an egg through that floating nail polish, and it will keep on getting on to that shell from the water. 

Once the egg is fully submerged, the shell will have a unique design. Repeat the process for different eggs to get different designs. 

7. Colorful Striped Eggs 

Tape around the egg randomly and place it in a bowl full of water with food coloring, let’s say red. Take it out after it gets that red color on its shell. Now remove the tape. It will have that red hint on it except on the areas where it was taped. 

Now tape it again randomly and place it in a water bowl with another food coloring, let’s say blue. Take it out after some time and remove the tape. It will give a beautiful pattern of different colors, further enhancing each other. A simpler way would be to directly color them using a paint brush and food colors one by one.

Easter decorative egg

8. Purple Stone Eggs

Simple Easter decorative egg

Not a fan of designs? Well, this is a very simple yet cool-looking idea for you because this is one of the easiest Easter ideas. 

Use a paintbrush to completely cover the eggs with light purple color to make a base. After that, use a sponge and darker shade to randomly color some parts of the eggs giving them a more unique appearance.

Do not use food coloring or paint drops in the water here, because we do not want to paint the eggs uniformly, as it will not give them an iconic stone look as it does with hibiscus petals. 

9. Minimal Leaf Impression Eggs

Some people believe that the lesser, the better, if you are one of them, then you will love the minimal leaf impression idea. Take a leaf you want an impression of, and temporarily fix it on the egg. Simply wetting the leaf and placing it on the shell will work.

Now add some food coloring in the water. Place that egg with the leaf in this water until you see the eggshell color change. Now take out the egg and remove the leaf. That’s it, you got your minimal leaf impression egg.

Repeat this with different-shaped leaves to have a little variety in your Easter egg basket. 

Minimal Easter decorative egg

10. Broken Beauty

As they say that “To be broken is its own kind of beautiful”, it’s also true for Easter eggs. Crack the eggshells of boiled eggs the way that they remain intact.

Easter decorative egg

Now take a pinch of each of the following items and put them in boiling water

  • Black Pepper
  • Sugar
  • Star Anise
  • Cinnamon
  • Black Tea
  • Soy Sauce

Place the eggs in the same container, and wait till you see the shell turn brown. Now take out the eggs and remove the shell. Now what remains is an egg with impressions of exactly where the cracks were. They look like someone who is proud of their struggle to get where they are today. Maybe that’s what is making them look so beautiful. This is also one of the most unique Easter ideas. 

11. Blue Stones Eggs

Take a cabbage and thinly slice it. And boil the slices in water with eggs and blue food coloring in between their leaves for 30 minutes. Then take them out, and that’s it. You have your blue stones-looking eggs. 

Blue Easter egg painting

12. Simple Spiral Easter Egg painting

Use a glue gun to add glue to the eggshell in whatever pattern you want. After the glue is dried, place the egg in water containing food coloring. Now remove the glue and expose the unaltered white shell from beneath. 

This way, the food coloring water will uniformly color the whole shell except the areas where the glue was, giving it a beautiful look. Repeat it with more eggs with different patterns and colors. This one is my most favorite last-minute easter ideas and I like to choose light and bright colors for it!

Easy  Easter egg painting

13. Lil Dinnasour Egg

We have never seen an intact dinosaur egg, yet we all somehow know what dinosaur eggs look like, right? A solid color stone-like mass with circular patterns on it makes it look natural enough to be an egg, and odd enough to be of some dinosaur. You can make a similar egg design to your Easter egg decoration.

Use a brush to apply black chalk paste on the eggshell. Do not miss any spots. After it’s done, apply golden paint on a bubble wrap sheet and roll the egg on it. You’ll get your results like exactly as shown in the picture. You can get different colored eggs by repeating the process with colors other than golden. 

Dinosaur  Easter egg painting

14. Green Stones Eggs

Add some color in sand or sandlike textured paste and then put some eggs in them. It will give a green color with a coarse appearance on the eggshells, making them look like green stones. 

 Green Easter egg painting

15. Mosaic Eggshell Design

We have made purple, blue, and green stone eggs. What if we want to make a mosaic of all? It’s really easy. You can even use the shells of any other design. Just take some broken pieces of shells paint them in random patterns, apply glue on them, and attach them to another egg’s surface. Keep doing it until you’re satisfied with the results. Here, the possibilities are endless due to endless combinations and results. 

Quick Easter egg painting

With so many unique and eye-appealing Easter ideas, your guests and visitors will comment, but only with awe and admiration. Now, knowledge alone will not decorate your home for Easter. If you want to make this year’s decoration unforgettable, then get to work now!

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