Aesthetic Painting Ideas

11 Aesthetic Painting Ideas That You Can Try As A Beginner

The world would have been a very dull place if it was devoid of its aesthetic values. And to recreate that aesthetic beauty by own hands only increases its value. In fact, most people are inspired to be an artist because they themselves got inspired by some aesthetic painting they saw somewhere. 

However, given the complexity of beautiful works of artists and marvels of nature, not everything can be drawn by a beginner artist. Then where do you start? Worry not, as I have gathered 12 aesthetic painting ideas that you can try as a beginner. 

Aesthetic Painting Ideas

Painting Tools You’ll Need

Though a lot of little art stuff is required to have a whole painting experience, however, some items without which following tasks are impossible to accomplish are the following. 

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watercolor paint set

Paints, any decent-quality watercolor or acrylic paints.

Canvas or high-absorbancy paper.

paint brushes

Different sizes of brushes.

Masking tape

Masking tape for the messy peeps and to get a crisp border!

Gesso for preparing the canvas

watercolor palette

Palette for mixing the paints.

Aesthetic Painting Ideas

Surrealistic Door Painting Idea

We always fantasized about having a magical door that could be opened to anywhere. You cannot make such a door (not with current technology at least), but you sure can draw such a door, and visualize your childhood dream. 

Let’s first understand what this drawing is going to be. Close your eyes and imagine you are walking through your usual boring neighborhood walking track, and on the path a little way from the paved one, you see a door that stands all alone. You open it and there’s a beautiful, lush forest behind it. Now open your eyes and let’s start drawing. 

To make a surrealistic scene, use black acrylic on the top and light pink in the center. On the bottom, there will be bushes and little plants, with a barren path midway. Now draw a half-opened door at the end of that path. 

Draw the other side of the door as bright as this side was gloomy. With bright green plants with colorful flowers, it gives the impression of the door opening right into heaven. 

Lit Streetlamp Painting

A lit streetlamp on a quiet and peaceful night with a clear sky is one of the most aesthetic moments that one comes across randomly during midnight strolls. Let’s try to draw this. 

First, draw a dark background; start from the top, and as you go down, keep making it foggy white. Then at the bottom, add dark plants and random bushes. On the right, show branches of the tree, which itself is out of frame. 

Then draw the streetlamp, which is a brown colored pole with two round bulbs on either side. And make luminance around it to give the impression of it being lit. You can also add a few distant clouds in the sky to give a more complete look.

Detailed Moon Painting

Moon alone is enough to bewitch the eye. The lunar craters and pits, the little imperfections in the otherwise perfect illuminant sphere floating in the night sky, only adds further beauty to it. Many an artist has drawn this beauty with their hands. Do you aspire to be one? Sure, it’s not difficult at all. 

Take a circle-shaped black chart and apply acrylic paints of dark blue and black shades in a cloudy pattern. Use a sponge to distribute the paint in a fashion that looks like the real moon, with spaces left dark representing the pits on the moon. Now sprinkle the white paint on the moon by using toothbrush bristles. 

Spring Oil Painting

Nothing freshens the sleepy eyes like seeing fresh flowers with bright colors in the morning. The brightness of the scene, the clear cloudless sky, and the gleaming white petals of the flowers lighten the mood. But such moments might be a rare scene in the cities. However, there is nothing stopping you from creating this from your imagination. 

Start by drawing the background, which is a blue sky. Better to keep the reference image in front, and no not apply the blue color where you have to draw the leaves and flowers. 

In the artwork, the flowers and subbranches come in front of the leaves. So, draw the leaves first before drawing the branch and flowers. Drawing the later part in the start also helps in getting a rewarding feeling as you see the painting head towards completion with each stroke of the brush. 

Now draw the leaves and branches to complete the painting. And just like that, the painting is complete.

Clear Clouds And Flowers

Enough with the nyctophilia and selenophilia. Not everyone likes the night, some like the day and its brightness. The clear sky and white clouds, above a grassy meadow with few flowery plants. Sounds like something out of a dream, but such scenes are more common in the countryside than one imagines. 

First, draw a rough sketch of the complete drawing; clouds on the top, with purple and white colored flowers on the grassy land. 

Now add clouds in front of it, leaving blue sky only on the upper ⅓ portion of the canvas. Then add on the lower ⅓ branches with colorful flowers on them. Branches are always green, and you can color the flowers however you like.  

Walk In Rainy Forest Art

It’s not possible to talk about aesthetic painting ideas and not talk about rain. Even better is walking in the rain. Now combine it with a forest. The scene is spectacular. Though it might sound difficult to draw but trust me, this is too simple. Just follow me. 

Look at the painting below, and you will notice that it basically consists of a 3 color background. The gray sky, white path, and orange sides. Apply the acrylic paints in a similar way. And give them a smudged look. The simple and easy way to do this is by folding the tin foil in a sphere shape. Then gently apply it to all the applied colors. 

Now make the path look more uniform with the help of a brush. Also, make the transitions to different colors look more natural. The next step is to draw the trees. Simply draw straight lines with dark brown or black color and then add some branches to it. 

Drawing leaves is the interesting part. Take some earbuds and band them together with a rubber band. Dip one side in a color and apply it on the empty branches. Voilà! Magic! 

Now add a girl holding an umbrella. Then use the shorter side of a card to apply long white lines, the rain, on the whole painting. That’s it, the painting is complete just like that.

 Cosmic Leaves Painting

Just look at this art piece, majestic! Isn’t it? Looks like something out of a magical fantasy. However, despite looking so beautiful and complex, drawing it is as simple and fun, which includes more than just the art tools.

Pluck a simple leaf with a complete and uniform shape. And dry it by placing it inside a book for a few days. Within 3–5 days, it will be completely dry and stiff. We did this to further solidify the leaf veins. Now we need to make the leaf smooth by placing it in water for 30 mins. 

Till the leaf gets smooth, let’s prepare our fiberboard. As you can see, the background is pitch black. So paint the whole board with black acrylic paint. Now wait for it to dry. 

After the paint is dried, and the leaf has smoothened, take out the leaf and paint its back side which has veins and bumps with dark blue color. Place the painted side on the board, and gently press it. The paint gets shifted to the board, making a beautiful and detailed impression of the leaf. Now repeat the process again and again, completing a whole circle with leaf imprints. 

Now sprinkle white paint droplets around the edge to make stars. Then dilute the dark blue paint with water and apply it to the whole board with a brush. This concludes our first layer. 

Then we take that leaf again and paint it with a little lighter shade of blue than last time. Place it on the board and apply little pressure. Make a complete circle with leaf impressions, but this time, make the circle a little small so that the earlier one can still be seen in the background. And conclude the second layer by applying dilute blue color to the whole board. 

Repeat the same process for the third layer, but use an even lighter shade of blue to paint the leaf and shorten the circle. The fourth layer would be the same, except that now a white color will be used to paint the leaf. 

With the completion of the fourth layer, the majestic piece of art is complete too. 

3D Bluebell Aesthetic Art Idea

Drawing art that looks real is not a rare feat these days, but what about artwork that feels real to the touch? Now that’s something. And that is exactly what we’re going to try now. So, let’s go.

First, cover the whole board with a layer of white filler. Then fold a tin foil and cut it into random shapes and fix it on the board at the top right and left, and bottom left corners. This is to give a smudged appearance to the paint which we’re going to do on it later. 

On the remaining space along the boundary of the board. Apply web mesh ribbon. Remember to stick all these materials on the surface while the filler is wet. Now use clay to get imprints of long leaves; cut the clay in a similar shape of the leaf and then stick 3 or 4 such clay imprints on the board. Make one leaf the longest, one smaller, and two smallest, just like a real water-based plant. 

The next part is to add the flowers. Making the flower is a little tricky, but once you get the gist of it, then it will get much easier. Though you can use any other method as well, I’m going to use polymer clay to make the flowers. 

Simply make a round ball, press it on one side, and crisscross cut from the thinner side. Now roll it sideways to join edges, and that’s it. The flower is ready. Now again, use the clay to make the stalk of the flower, which is simply a rolled-up round stick. But before adding the flowers and stalk, let’s first color the board.

After the filler and clay have dried, it’s time to color it. First, add a white color to the whole boundary area. Once dried, add a very diluted dark green color with a sponge to mesh and foil. Due to the texture, some areas will retain more color, while others less. This gives an aesthetic and realistic touch to our artwork. 

Then add the stalks in-between the leaves. Attach the flowers on the upper ends of the stalks on both sides and on the top too. Remove a little bit of clay from the bottom of the leaves and flowers. And just like that, the artwork is complete. 

Detailed Earth Painting

How come such beautiful places on Earth, and the Earth itself, lack beauty? It certainly does not. While Earth contains several marvels and wonders on it, the Planet Earth itself is a wonder of the Universe. This is evident when we look at the beautiful blue ball, we live on, from space.

Though the chances of us viewing Earth from space are really thin, we sure can draw Earth from our own POV from space, can’t we? So, let’s do it.

Here, we will draw the earth first, since it covers more area of the canvas than the background itself. Though you can take a picture from the internet as a reference, it’s better to keep a globe in front of you. This way, you can draw Earth from any angle you want; the possibilities will be endless.

Start by drawing the circle, and then viewing the globe, add all the details borders, oceans, and some clouds for a more realistic touch. After that, you can add a little radiance from the globe to make it stand in the dark background more naturally.

The background would be pitch black with bright stars that you will add by slightly touching the tip of the round tip brush dipped in white paint.

Minimalistic Line Art Painting

Artistic freedom compels the artist to let go of the idea of realism. Not everything needs to be realistic. Today, most of the art being created is rarely realistic. Let’s try our hands at trying to create one such art too.

What we will be drawing is a leaf with a mosaic of different colors in the background. The idea is simple, yet the artwork is so profound. Just draw some random colored blocks in the background. And on those blocks, just draw a compound leaf with hollow leaflets.

Instead of the midrib and veins in the leaflets, draw parallel dark lines. It is this simple to draw this simple artwork, that’ll look so classy and decent hanging on your living room wall.

Aesthetic minimalist Landscape

Minimalism is the choice of composed and calm minds. The following painting is a fine example of such minimalist artwork that represents the painter’s and appreciator’s taste in art. 

This is the easiest to draw, yet the most aesthetic painting. Simply paint the canvas with the lightest shade of pink. Then add a layer of mountains in a slightly darker pink, and then a layer of mountains in the front with an even more, darker pink. In the end, add a yellow sun. That’s it. 

Now Draw!

The best part about art is that it imparts similar effects on you as if seeing the scene in real. 

You can practice drawing any of the above you like, or all. Drawing them is not as difficult as you might think. However, the condition is that you ought to overcome initial laziness and start drawing. So, you better pick up your stuff and get to work!

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