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Couple Painting Ideas To Make Your Date Night Unforgettable

We all get on meetups with our special ones, but how many of those meetups do we remember? Only a few, really. What about creating something to make the special moments memorable? Some beautiful couple painting ideas to remember that lovely time is worth giving a shot!. 

Moments come and go, it is the memories that always stay. However, a great way to relive those moments is by looking at something connected closely to that memory. A picture painted together can serve as a souvenir to bring you back to a beautiful past where you are with your lover. 

But what should you paint? Here are 8 couple painting ideas to make your perfect artwork together date night unforgettable. 

12 Couple Painting Ideas

The First Meeting Place

What is a more emotionally connected memory than when you first met your lover? Well, I can’t think of any. Painting that moment, that place, that emotion on paper right along with your partner will not only make you two relive that moment but will also make the present a lovely memory.  You don’t really need to capture everything, just make sure you capture the memory 😉

couple landscape painting idea
couple painting idea

Faceless Illustration

I think that facial beauty is too overrated because the faces change over time. However, what truly matters is your relation to the person behind that face. Love the person, not their face.

Painting a faceless illustration of your favorite picture with your partner is a great idea to have a picture that goes beyond facial beauty. No, I am not talking about digital illustration. I’m talking about painting it by hand. And it also helps you make a fun, creative painting without the skills needed to draw faces. So, let’s do it!

This is pretty simple, place your photo on a LED light drawing board. Keep the chart or page on that photo, and you’ll be able to see the photo pretty clearly. Now simply illustrate everything by your own hands, leaving out the face and fill it with colors.

Starry Night

Nope, not Vincent van Gogh’s starry night, it’s already done. This night is yours and hence should be original. After all, you are not trying to learn painting tonight, you’re here to make an unforgettable memory. 

After a good dinner, have you ever relaxed with your partner in a serene park somewhere? Lay down with your partner on the soft grass, hands in hands, looking towards the sky full of stars. Quite romantic it is, isn’t it? 

Whether you have done it or not, thinking of it gives you romantic vibes. Now don’t let those vibes fade away. Keep thinking of that night sky, and paint that exact viewpoint with your partner. Fill in the gap left by your partner’s imagination, and ask them to do the same for you. 

Your Pet

Who is the only being that can be part of your little paint date without disturbing your privacy? Your pet. Since that cute little being listens to everything you say (unless it is a cat) you can ask it to be in a pose, and then paint it.

Moreover, most pet animals are not as long living as humans, so chances are that your relationship will outlive them. Having them on your date night, and painting them together is a great way to make a great memory of them even if they just leave you. 

Beautiful Scenery

Some scenes themselves are unforgettable. But there is something magical in painting a scene by hand. Next time you visit such a green natural place, make sure to pack canvas, stand, and other painting materials along, to capture everything with your hands. 

It will give you a joyful memory that sparks vivid remembrance of a trip to some natural place with your partner. It can be a mountainous scenery with a sunset in the background, a blue ocean, or a meadow. Plan a trip with your partner, and enjoy painting it in the natural atmosphere. 

My Idea of You

It is quite interesting to think that our “idea” of who we are only exists inside our mind only. Each person has a different image of us in their mind, just like we have a different image of every person we know. 

It might be difficult to navigate, but if done with concentration, one is able to define what that image is for a certain person. Here, that person would be your lover. Try to draw them the way you see them in your mind, not in your eyes.

Here, you are not limited to any one art type. There are no rules bounding your imagination. Draw whatever you feel towards your lover, and tell him to do the same while drawing you. It can be abstract, sketching, oil painting, or a mix of all. Just let yourself be free. 

Romantic Couple In Sunset

Sunset and romance have a very old relationship. Think of yourself standing with your partner on a terrace in Venice and seeing the golden sun drawing in the rippling ocean. What a beautiful painting it will make!

If you find this difficult to paint from imagination, you can take help from a reference image, as taught in the tutorial below. 

Growing Old Together

Everyone paints the past or present, now, let’s paint the future. Yes, growing old with our partner is the wish of all lovers. With modern technology, we can finally see how we will look in the future. 

Use Snapchat’s old-age filter to take a picture with your lover. Now use this photo as a reference to make a painting from it. And if your current skill level says no. no worries, just try to paint a cartoon old couple and match your outfit sense with them to make them represent yourself. You’ll definitely love seeing this painting when you reach that age.

couple painting ideas
couple growing old painting

The idea here is not only to paint, but to spend quality time. Try these cool Couple Painting Ideas and focus less on doing it right, but just doing it with fun. A little sprinkle of love on any activity turns it into something memorable and worth enjoying. So, just chill and enjoy the artventure with your lover. 

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